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Portable Plating Machine

Purvi Products, Ahmedabad offers Brush Plating machine for on-site plating work. This machine is also known as Selective Plating machine and Portable Plating Machine. You can deposit Copper, Tin, Lead, Chrome, Nickel, Silver, Gold and Rhodium metals on metal parts or on plated jobs. This can also be used to repair Electroless Nickel plated and Hard Chrome plated jobs.


Rich Gold plating machine is an unique plating machine as plating is done without dipping the job in electroplating tanks. The plating quality is better than tank plating. The usage of this novel machine is unlimited and mainly depends upon creativity and imagination skill of the user. The installation of electrical equipment in adverse environments containing corrosive gases, liquids or dust can cause severe and rapid deterioration of the equipment. For good electrical contact, silver plating is commonly used in circuit breakers, motor starters, switch gears and electrical conductors. Silver Plating on electrical contacts including bus bars and terminal ends has proved to be a very effective tool to bring down the electrical transmission losses occurring on account of joint resistance. Joint resistance is reduced by 40%. Heat generation is also reduced and possible failures due to hotspots are thus averted.


The list of clients includes

  • BARC - Trombay,
  • BARC - Mysore
  • ISRO - Ahmedabad
  • Reliance Group 6 machines
  • UPL group 4 machines
  • BHEL 2 machines
  • Asian Power - Pune,
  • L&T - Hazira
  • C & S Ele. Delhi and other electrical equipment manufacturers.
  • Windsor Machines Ltd


What’s more, selective plating equipment is portable, enabling the operator to meet plating and build-up requirements wherever they arise. This equipment is an important tool for cost and time saving. It minimizes dismantling, downtime, turnaround delays, and transportation charges and paper work usually associated with sending parts outside for re-plating.


Sometime, it becomes critical to quickly repair defective components, rather than replacing them or delaying repair by removing them from the machine, sending them out for repairs and waiting for their return. Taking a component out of service for an extended time is often not an option.


In addition to in-place defect repairs, there are several other applications in which selective plating provides a quick and lower-cost means of returning critical components to service.


Selective plating is a cost-effective component repair technique for number of applications. It can often be accomplished without removing parts from production machinery. Dispatch commitments of big equipments are maintained when you have your own plating system. Touch-up plating can be completed in a matter of hours.


The machine is useful for metal art work, handicrafts, statues, hobby plating on coins, car accessories, temple items, key-chains and for logo/design etching on metal parts. The machine operates on 230V.AC. The plating process is very simple and no specialize skill is required.