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Metal Etching Machine

Purvi Products is recognized as one of the successful Manufacturers and Suppliers of Metal Etching Machine. Our Electrochemical Metal Etching is a unique system for precise etching / embossing on any metal. There is no stress development, no deformation and no molecular disturbance in the etching process.

Whiteline : Metal Etching Machine is the most suitable machine for fine, precise and clean metal removal work. This is electrochemical process and with hand held pad, you can remove metals from selective area for number of applications. A large variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metal can be etched confirming to your design with this equipment.

To etch part number, batch number, monogram or design in moulds and metallic masters for pantograph work of any shape you require the electrochemical etching machine  Whiteline. This is a basic necessity for plastic, rubber and die casting dies manufacturers. Leather goods manufacturers and rubber belt manufacturers use this machine for marking metal punches. You can use this machine for through cutting of SS foil to use it as stencil. Steel testing labs use this machine for microscopic inspection of metals. Wrist watch back cover is also etched by this process. The process is possible on metals may be hardened or soft.

Whiteline is simple, portable and robust in design. The operation is very easy and no specialize skill or experience is required. The process is manual but can be automised as per requirements. The spares & consumables are readily available /

Combined : Marking & Etching Machine
If you have requirements of marking & etching, we make combined machine for this purpose.

To help your Etching / Marking Machine Purchase decision, we will do free samples for you. Please inform us about your specific requirements, we will suggest you the most suitable product from our range.

Writewell Etching pencil is a device for marking on hard metals and mild steel by instant and permanent electroetching process. It is ideal for hardened and ground surfaces. Unsuitable for unmachined or rusty or scaly surfaces, metals softer than mild steel, laminate, coated surfaces and nonmetallic materials. Not continuous rated.

Specifications :

  • Works on 230 V AC.
  • Single Phase.
  • Easily portable.

Typical Applications :

  • For dies  Punches and other press tools, machine tools and components, cutting tools, jigs, fixtures, bearings, collects, inspection gauges etc.
  • Disassembled details to facilitate reassembly, rejected pieces for identification, etc.
  • A must for engineering tool rooms and tool stores.

Etching Pencil : a small investment for service for a good many years!