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Metal Coating

We render quality Metal Coating Services, which are appreciated for their time bound delivery and reliability. We are amongst the dependable Services Providers of Metal Coating Services. Our expansive range of Metal Coating consists of Autophoretic Coating, Zinc Flake Coating and PTFE Coating. We have a team of qualified personnel, rendering premium Metal Coating Solutions to the customers at minimal Service Charge. Varied benefits of our Metal Coating Services can be tracked down; some of the noteworthy ones are heat resistance, insulation & thermal protection, among others. Our team follows the defined industrial guidelines for rendering the Metal Coating Solutions to the customers.

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CED Coating

Selecting the right Surface Modification or Coating plays a prime role in improving performance of the jobs/equipment. CED Coating is done for varied industrial machinery parts, automobile components, spring, casting and many more. Having a rich 25 +year-experience in Coating line , makes us the leading Service Provider. CED Coating is a new technology where water based epoxy paint is deposited on metals by electroplating process. CED coating is extensively used in varied industries for excellent resistance against corrosion.

Why Our CED Coating ?

  • Thickness is controlled from 20 - 25 microns
  • Water based latex paint on metallic surface
  • Electro deposition of paint
  • High speed production
  • Fully automatic process, minimum human labour  involved
  • Applied by immersion coating method to clean surfaces
  • This coating gives good uniform film thickness and excellent adhesion
  • Good pencil hardness 4H 
  • Salt spray test pass more than 600 hours against 50-60 hours of zinc plating
  • This coating is 10 times better than Phosphating and Zinc Plating and offers upto 5 years life.
  • Can be done on any complex shape
  • Can be used as a final coat or as a primer to do top coat


Key Factor

  • Unique ability to coat complete assembly.
  • Ability of coating Weldments.

Zinc Flake Coating
Fasteners play an elemental role in ensuring hassle-free performances and smooth functioning of the machinery. A precisely designed fastener reduces the risk of premature failures. Keeping this in mind, we offer premium Zinc Flake Coating Services.

PTFE Coating
Needing exceptional chemical resistance, excellent protection against corrosion and low co-efficient of friction; then contact us- we are among the dependable PTFE Coating Service Providers, based in Ahmedabad- Gujarat.